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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Wonder Woman Comics Quote-4

Quotes from Wonder Woman Comics

(Hephaestus telling story to Wonder Woman about Amazon's Children)
Hephaestus: Wonder Woman, your people, thrice a century...
...go on raids. Like pirates. They take to the sea--
Eros:For booty.
Hephaestus: Don't be clever, boy.
Mortal vessels are their targets--
Eros: --Seminal mortal vessels.
Hephaestus: And they have their way. It must seem like a dream to most men... Beatutiful women, offering themselves...
But it quickly turns to a nightmare. Their lives...
Drained from them.
Triumphant, the Amazons returen to Paradise Island, and wait.
Nine months later, some celebrate the birth of a daughter...
Some don't.

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