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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

She-Hulk Comics Quote-1

She-Hulk Comics Quote-1

She-Hulk: Lousy Chauvinist misbegotten hyperhormonal monkeyboys wonder why I bother--
--oh great!--
--My day is made--
Policeman: That's Mary "Skeeter" MacPherran..
..a.k.a Titania
She-Hulk: Hi. Cuddles.
Remember me?
Titania: Of course I do, Shulkie. That's why I...
She-Hulk: She should come down across the potomic in Virginia.
I suggest you send an appropriately armed swat team over to pick her up.
Policeman: Will do She-Hulk.
Thanks for the assist--You were a life-saver.
She-Hulk: Anytime.

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