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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

She-Hulk Comics Quote-5

She-Hulk Comics Quote-5

Wolverine: All right, She-Hulk, here's the deal. Contrary to everything I just said...
... I trust your chicken-@#*% outfit about as far as I can spit. So I want you to know...
...if wendigo busts out, I'm holdin' you responsible. Got that?
She-Hulk: Sure thing, tough guy.
Say, now that things are winding down, wanna get a beer or something?
Wolverine: Why?
She-Hulk: 'cause from what I her...
You're the best there is at what you do.
And what you do is pretty nice.
Wolverine: Yeah, Right. Look, I got better things to do...
...than go chasing around after Juggernaut's sloppy seconds.
She-Hulk: What?
I didn't sleep with Juggernaut!
Why does everyone keep saying that?

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