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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Spider-Man Comics Quote-14

Spider-Man Comics Quote-14

Peter Parker: Yeah. Yeah, I thougt so.
Tony Stark: What's your deali Peter? You know what I mean? Are you hiding something?
You're always so squirrelly and you pop up weird places at weird times and--
Peter Parker: Tony. I... you're right.
Hardly anybody knows--my life--my family-- Please understand the gravity of--
Tony Stark: Peter please. You have my word.
Peter Parker: --Well, here goes. There was an accident. A science--An accident. When I was Kid.
And it left me with powers. Super-powers, Tony. Powers... and responsibilities. Understand?
Tony Stark: Peter. I--
Peter Parker: Tony. I'm-- I'm the Human Torch.
Tony Stark: ... Get out of my room Parker.

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